Adult Enrollment

ages 19+
  • Get an online high school diploma on your own schedule
  • $50 one-time application fee
  • $199–$299 per course

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Adult Enrollment

ages 19+
  • Get an online high school diploma on your own schedule
  • $50 one-time application fee
  • $199–$299 per course

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How Adult Enrollment works.

Enroll Anytime

Flexible Academic Calendar

Self-determined Courseload

Complete courses within one year

Certified Teachers and Flexibility

Allows you to access the benefits of learning from a certified teacher while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Certified Teachers


  • Written and video activities
  • Scheduled teacher meetings
  • Ongoing support from our Student Success Center



  • Self-guided coursework
  • Complete classes online
  • Courses can be taken asynchronously

Make Your Own Schedule

As a BYU Online High School Adult student, you have the freedom to create your own schedule, rather than following a structured schedule established by the school. This enables you to:

  • Prepare for college by learning how to manage your own schedule
  • Accelerate or decelerate your pace based on learning needs

    Each 0.5 credit hour (one semester) course is designed to be completed in approximately 80–90 hours of study with a typical semester running 16–18 weeks as illustrated below:

    Typical course length

    60 mins   X   5 days/week   =   16–18 weeks

Standard Diploma Track

The Adult Enrollment program follows the standard course track and can be customized to suit your needs by working with your school counselor.

  • 24 credits of courses
  • Minimum 25% or 6–7 credits / 12–14 courses through BYU Online High School

Learn More

How to Apply

The first step only takes a few mins.

1Apply Online
Takes a few minutes and costs only $50.
2Send Transcript
Obtain a copy of your current transcript and send it to us.
3Attend a Virtual
        Information Session
4Meet with a
        School Counselor
Once accepted you’ll have a planning session with a school counselor.
5Pick Courses
250+ courses with support from teachers, tutors, and peer mentors.
6Start Learning!
Login and start learning!

Adult Enrollment FAQs

How does Adult Enrollment work?

Students complete the required 24.0 credit hours, which can include credit earned previously, but must take a minimum of 25% of their credits through BYU Online High School to earn a BYU OHS diploma. These credits may be split between the junior and senior year. Students must be enrolled in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

How long will it take me to finish?

The length of time depends on how many courses you need to fulfill the required 24.0 credit hours and how long you take to complete those courses. High school credits earned from legitimately accredited schools are generally transferable.

Is BYU Online High School accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by Cognia and the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). Many BYU OHS courses are also approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Is free tutoring available?

Our team of experienced tutors is available to help your student with coursework for no additional cost. Learn more about the BYU Student Success Center.

Do I need to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to take a course?

No. Our online high school courses are secular in nature and open to everyone.

How much is tuition?

Courses (0.5 credit) are currently either $199 or $299 each, not counting books or materials. The total cost will depend on how many credits you need to complete to meet program requirements (24.0 to 28.0 credits for a BYU Online High School diploma).

What is the difference between a transcript and a diploma?

A transcript is normally required for college admission, whereas a diploma is not. When you graduate, you will be awarded both a transcript and an adult education diploma from BYU Online High School. The diploma also verifies that Adult Education students have passed the TABE. To request a transcript of all BYU coursework, visit the BYU Independent Study Transcripts page.

What if an adult student is not 19 yet?

Students who are 18 years old and are unable to attend a local school may begin taking courses in the Standard or Advanced Track and later transition into Adult Education.

Are there any additional fees?

Some courses require books and other materials that are not included in tuition. See individual courses for more details.

Fee Type Details Cost
Annual Enrollment A non-refundable enrollment fee is required annually. $125
Graduation A graduation fee will be required for all Seniors planning to graduate this school year. $150

Exam Retakes and Course Extensions

Applies to Flex and Adult students only. See BYU Independent Study's Tuition and Fees policy.

Semester students:

Flex and Adult students:

See BYU Independent Study's Transcript Fees.

Learn the way you want to.

We have every option to suit your virtual learning needs.

Ages 14–18 yrs


  • Online Courses
  • Full-time Course Load
  • Teacher Guided
  • AP/Concurrent Enrollment
  • Teacher Office Hours
  • Student Success Center
  • School Counselor
  • Live Zoom Classes
  • Student Clubs
  • Student Council
  • Student Devotionals/Forums


  • Online Courses
  • Flexible Course Load
  • Self Guided
  • AP/Concurrent Enrollment
  • Teacher Office Hours
  • Student Success Center
  • School Counselor
Ages 19+ yrs


  • Online Courses
  • Flexible Course Load
  • Self Guided
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Teacher Office Hours
  • Student Success Center
  • School Counselor

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