BYU Independent Study offers an excellent way to obtain a complete, four-year high school education! For students who are traveling, homebound, or engaged in full-time artistic or professional pursuits, our high school programs can provide a flexible alternative.

Choose from our three complete four-year programs:

  • Standard
  • Advanced/College Prep
  • Adult High School Diploma

Register today for Online Prep:

Tools for Success (STDEV 051). As the first requirement in each of our four-year programs, you can complete this course while you wait for your application and transcripts to be evaluated.

Applicants to the Adult Diploma Program may also register for the TABE test while their application is being evaluated.

Standard Program

  • Offers a robust traditional high school curriculum.
  • Includes courses that are designed to help students prepare to take the ACT or SAT exam.
  • Features curricula that are designed to help prepare students for college or the job market.

Advanced Program

  • Is more academically rigorous than the Standard Program and allows students to take concurrent/dual enrollment (university-level) courses and earn high school and college credit.
  • Helps students prepare to take the ACT or SAT exam.
  • Prepares students to enter competitive colleges or universities
  • Requires completion of two years of a world language sequence, as well as writing and literature courses and higher-level math and science courses.

Adult Diploma Program

  • Requires students to be at least 19 years old when applying.
  • Requires the student to be a US citizen or US permanent resident.
  • Requires completion of a minimum of two courses every six months (a program deadline extension may be granted if extenuating circumstances arise).
  • Requires completion of a minimum of 3.0 BYU Independent Study credit hours, regardless of the number of credits earned at other schools (most courses are 0.5 credit).
  • Requires the student to take and pass a basic skills assessment test (TABE: Test of Adult Basic Education).
  • Qualifies the student to earn a high school diploma from the Provo (Utah) School District.