Student Life

Full-time students enrolled at BYU Online High School Semester program participate in course and school activities in a number of ways. Our teacher-led courses include Virtual Live Instructions (VLIs), one-on-one interactions with the teacher, administrators, peer mentors, and tutors, providing encouraging support and personalized feedback. Various school activities and communication provide opportunities such as the following:

  • Weekly online Hangouts give students a place to get together with other OHS students to talk and chat about their experiences.
  • Our Especially for Friday (EFF) Devotionals and Forums include inspiring guest speakers who teach students about life habits and spiritually strengthening principles that empower them to succeed.
  • BYU OHS offers student clubs that appeal to a variety of different interests for likeminded participants.
  • School newsletters and communication bring the OHS community together for events, updates, and instructions.
Video: Tega
Video: Ashley
Video: Ms. Coca, OHS Spanish Teacher

"BYU online high school is an amazing school with well-trained teachers, access to new possibilities, and such an accepting student environment. I have loved the experiences I have had here, and I would definitely recommend going to this school."


“Before starting BYU Online High School, I assumed I would love the academics (which I do!), but I didn’t know if I would get to know the students at all…. But actually, I’ve found they are real friends. We study together, talk, and even connect outside of school. It’s also nice to have study partners who are as interested in studying as I am.”


“Because of the way the coursework is planned, you shouldn't have much trouble moving through classes, but be aware that BYUOHS is different from classic homeschooling and you will have to plan your week from start to finish.”


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