Student Spotlight

Meet Three BYU OHS Brothers!

Jared, Nathan, and Ryan are three brothers who love BYU Online High School.  

Because their family moved several times, schooling became complicated. BYU Online High School provided them freedom to customize their education and qualify for a high-quality college experience. They love learning at their own pace and having time for hands-on projects during the daytime.    

A Tale of Two Henrys

BYU Online High School’s unique student body includes students from all over the world. It’s not unusual for someone in your English class to be from Indonesia or someone in your history class to be from Canada. It’s not even unusual to have two students with the same name in one  class, but it is unusual for them to be cousins!  

Why an Aspiring Professional Golfer Chose BYU Online High School

Becoming a professional athlete requires hard work, dedication, and countless hours of practice. But if you’re a teenager who dreams of making it big, how do you balance all those practice hours with school, homework, and everyday life?

For one young athlete, the answer is BYU Online High School.

Meet Felicity, an aspiring professional golfer and high school freshman who has found a way to balance solid academics with practice time on the green.The BYU OHS full-time high school program gives Felicity a level of flexibility that allows daytime playtime.

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