Student Clubs: A BYU OHS Student’s Inside Perspective

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At BYU Online High School, students get a complete experience with many opportunities to interact with classmates and participate in school activities. Currently, students can join the Gastronomy Gurus club, the Health and Fitness Club, and the Book Club. Groundwork is also being laid for a Music Club and additional clubs are being considered for the future! 

As a member of the student council and the club committee, I have been able to personally direct clubs and activities for fellow BYU OHS students. It has been an incredible experience so far and I have loved being able to work together as students toward ensuring a better experience for our peers. It has become clear to me that the student council does so much for the school even daily, whether it is lifting morale or sending out important announcements or sharing inspiring messages or planning activities that bring students together. 

The student council organizes weekly Friday activities that different members and groups contribute to. All students are invited to attend school activities that include Friday hangouts, cohort activities, EFFs (Especially for Fridays), talent shows, special hangouts, and more. I personally enjoy each of these activities and make a point of attending as many as I possibly can to interact with my classmates in a setting outside of class. 

  • Friday hangouts: Organized and led by student council members and involve zoom group games or zoom breakout room games.  
  • Cohort activities: Games are played in breakout rooms of “cohort groups” that stay the same each cohort activity. 
  • Especially for Fridays: Once a month events where a special guest speaker is present and speaks on the topic, they are knowledgeable on.  
  • Talent shows: Special events where student-submitted videos showcase the incredible array of talent found within the student body. 
  • Special hangouts: Reserved for special end-of-semester celebrations and involve “silly awards” and “how well do you know your classmates” games. 

BYU OHS students have numerous opportunities to interact and have a great time together! I know that I have enjoyed each activity I have been able to attend, and I have been able to get to know my classmates far better than I would have without them.  

—Hailey P., BYU OHS sophomore


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