Staff Spotlight: Miki Allen

Photo of Miki Allen

Anyone who has moved from one school to another knows that a warm welcome from a friendly face can make all the difference to a new student. Michele “Miki” Allen does all that and more for BYU OHS parents and students!

Miki grew up in Portland, Oregon, but has lived in Provo, Utah, for most of her adult life. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and playing the piano. Miki particularly enjoys spending time in nature, whether she is in the lush green forests of the Northwest or the mountainous Utah desert. Some of her favorite ways to explore the outdoors include going kayaking through local rivers and trekking through mountains in her family’s Jeeps!

Miki exploring Utah's desert trails in her Jeep

As part of the BYU OHS team, Miki acts as an academic advisor to help students stay on track. She also works on the front lines at the BYU OHS office to answer questions from students and parents. Having attended high school in person herself, Miki is impressed by all the benefits available to BYU OHS students. She particularly appreciates the ability students have to work at their own pace and adjust their own schedules as needed.

After working with numerous students and parents, Miki’s best advice for homeschooled families is to find a balance between the flexibility offered at BYU OHS and the stimulating coursework. She recommends planning for success by creating schedules and building time for school into each day. Even so, she emphasized that students can always find help if needed.

Miki posing with her family and kayaks

“I’m also so impressed with the support available for OHS students and how proactively we offer those resources through peer mentoring and check-ins with academic advisers,” says Miki. “That goes way beyond what I experienced in high school or saw with my own kids in high school.”

Overall, Miki affirms that the most rewarding aspect of being on the BYU OHS team is working with the incredible staff and building relationships with the student body and their families.

“Everyone has a story, and the best feeling I know is making a positive difference in a person’s life,” she shared. “It all goes back to people and making a difference!”

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