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Tega, a young aspiring musician, was looking for more flexibility in his schedule when he discovered a new way to graduate. He has just finished his freshman year in BYU Online High School, which allows students to attend online classes full time and earn a diploma from BYU. Here are a few reasons why Tega loves his new school.

Online High School Supports Your Dreams

As a member of two bands—a pop band and a jazz band—Tega is constantly busy. Sharing some details about his busy music career, he said, “The jazz band performed at Carnegie Hall, Kenya, England, France, China—all over the place, internationally. I play the guitar, piano, bass, drums, and most instruments except for brass and woodwinds. And I sing. But my main two interests are guitar and singing.”

Music is a huge part of Tega’s life, and he felt that attending his public high school cut into his music time. Tega chose BYU OHS because it gives him more freedom.

Online High School Frees Up Time

“Besides the fact that I have so much more free time because I get to choose what classes I want, if I take classes during the summer it frees up a lot of time for me to practice music and practice with my band.” Tega practices for three hours a day on average in addition to band rehearsals and events.

We asked Tega what his advice is for organizing time. For him, it’s all about using time wisely. Using Excel spreadsheets to organize his schedule, he accounts for his personal practice times, his bands’ practice times, and his school time.

Online High School Helps You Meet Goals—All of Them

Tega has also had a support system through BYU OHS. Tega’s advisor, Mrs. Baxter, helps Tega with scheduling so he can meet his goals of finishing an advanced degree and having plenty of time to pursue his interests. In addition to music, Tega is also taking college-level Chinese classes, having been in a Mandarin immersion program in elementary and middle school.

Does this sound exciting? Ready to do more with your days?

If you wish you could create your own schedule and do that thing you love to do, check out our enrollment options. If you want to talk to an advisor, email us at highschool@byu.edu.

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