Life Lessons Learned This School Year

As the 2020–21 school year draws to a close, many of us—especially parents—are breathing a sigh of relief that this crazy year is over! The past year and pandemic have taught us that we can do hard things—we can work from home, we can manage online meetings, and we can survive days on end with every single family member under the same roof together.  

BYU Online High School students have been managing their online classes, homework, activities, and more. Students told Mrs. Baxter what their biggest takeaways from this year have been, and these life lessons demonstrate a wisdom beyond their years! 

Lessons about School

“Teachers were really willing to listen and work with me.” —Leah H. 

“Sometimes you really have to study!” —Nathan H. 

“[I learned] how to be an independent learner.” —Isaac T. 

“I learned the importance of taking good notes.” —Jarvis G. 

“I really need to not let schoolwork pile up!” —Chase H. 

Lessons about Time Management

“[I learned] time management skills and working with a schedule.” —Ella S. 

“I’ve learned how to organize better.” —Paloma R. 

“[I learned] how to balance my time and be more efficient in studying.” —Felicity C. 

“[I learned] the importance of using a printed agenda or schedule.” —Avery S. 

“With online learning, you really need to have a good schedule and follow it.” —Henry J. 

Lessons about Life

“[I learned] how to embrace new skills and new experiences.” —Zoe T. 

Putting in the work pays off.” —Tyler D. 

“Don’t procrastinate!” —Tate O. and Stanford M. 

“Buckle down and do it!”—Rhett P. 

“Stay on top of everything!” —Weston H. 

“I learned the importance of self-motivation.” —Ashley S. 

“I learned the importance of taking breaks.” —Reneann P. 

“It’s okay to be different.” —Margaret C. 

“I learned I could go through hard times and make it out okay!” —Sarah M. 

“The world is a lot bigger than I thought, and I have a place in it!” —Adaline L. 


And there you have it! Life lessons from some of our future leaders. What amazing students we have at BYU Online High School!

We hope you have a wonderful summer! 

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