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Why BYU Online High School?

At Brigham Young University Online High School, we strive to offer both an outstanding value and an outstanding learning experience. We see the value in giving families the freedom to travel and giving individuals the freedom to pursue ambitions and maximize talents. We see value in creating a space where students learn with fewer limits.

BYU Online High School offers only full-time enrollment. Students from other high schools register for supplementary courses through BYU Independent Study.

Full-Time Enrollment

High School Diploma from BYU Online High School

Diploma students choose Semester Enrollment, Flex, or Adult Education. BYU Online High School offers two diploma tracks, Standard and Advanced.

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Individual Course Enrollment

Supplemental Course Credit that Transfers to Your School

Students seeking individual supplemental courses register through BYU Independent Study. Twelve-month course enrollments offer scheduling flexibility and course options not available locally.

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Acceptance of Transfer Credit Policy

BYU Online High School generally accepts domestic* transfer credits only if earned at institutions that are accredited by a national, regional, or state accrediting agency that is recognized by our accreditors.

All secondary education work (not U.S. accredited) done outside of the United States must be evaluated by an international credential evaluation agency. The evaluation is at the student’s expense unless a separate written equivalency assessment agreement is in place between BYU and the organization that referred the student to BYU Online High School. This includes work that may have been evaluated by a U.S. accredited institution and is reported on the transcript. BYU Online High School accepts evaluations by International Education Research Foundation (IERF) and SpanTran.

At this time, BYU Online High School does not accept homeschool secondary work for transfer credit.

*Domestic transfer credits are those earned in the United States or as credit at an educational institution that is accredited in the United States. Transfer credit is not granted for domestic secondary work for which credit has not been granted by an institution accredited in the United States and recognized by our accreditors. We do not accept international credit not assessed by IERF or an equivalent equivalency assessment provider, even if another accredited institution has accepted the credit.

Policy effective date: May 10, 2022

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